We are happy to introduce products from not only YAMPEA but PEABOY, YAMMA, HARAPPA. We select brands which respect local productions, culture and communication. We believe that we can make your life respectful and playful.


    We respect local and traditional business and culture, and seek sustainable and ecofriendly production. And also we love to communicate and collaborate with local artists and artisans.

  • peaboy

    Peaboy is based in Brooklyn, has started in 201, futuring Tie-dye, bleach and some special characters.They always have pop-ups and workshop, so please subscribe our news letter!


    They started their apparel business with local retired women in Tokyo in 2008. Designer was suspicious of mass production and wastes. Their idea for production is very unique, check their HP!


    120 yo textile mill in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima, JAPAN. They produce only 100% cotton fabrics with only 15" width. their fabric has very unique character established in severe basin environment.